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Spectrum - Outdoor


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Spectrum hemp strain does not douse the body and mind with sleepiness but rather provides relaxation and the ability to unwind. Offering relief without sedation, Spectrum cbd flower can be a great way to relax and unwind minus overpowering sleepiness or drowsiness. Its long-lasting effects are especially helpful if you feel the need for relief for extended periods during the day.

Indica dominant hybrid

The Spectrum strain maximizes relaxation without any sort of sedation, keeping you calm and cool minus the drowsiness. It relaxes the body and mind while keeping you clear and creative. Many people describe an underlying feeling of well being that is the root of why this strain is so good.

Spectrum cbd flower is ideal for relaxation and relief making it a nighttime go-to for some. However, with the full spectrum profile it provides, it is used as an all-day smoker for many.

These attractively green, medium to large-sized cbd buds have a moderate density bursting wit

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Spectrum – 3.5G, Spectrum – 7G


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