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CBDfx Joint and Mobility Pet Treats - 450mg


Our CBD Dog Treats for Muscle & Joint offer gentle relief to older dogs as well as joint support for active dogs. Made with organic broad spectrum CBD, powerful antioxidants (including blueberry, spinach, and parsley), and a host of other active ingredients, these safe and powerful CBD dog treats come in a tail-wagging sweet-potato flavor, sure to delight even the most finicky of pooches!

  • Broad spectrum CBD
  • Powerful antioxidants blueberry, spinach & parsley
  • Turmeric & other nutrients for joint health
  • Organic, human-grade, soy-free & vegan
  • ND-THC***

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Directions for Best Results

Simply give your dog a muscle & joint biscuit and let them eat it. If you’re concerned about how the CBD dog treat might affect your pet (particularly if you have a small dog), break it in half for the first serving and see if that suffices for your dog. If it appears that your dog is not getting all of the wellness benefits of their CBD biscuit, then bump the serving up to a full dog treat the next day. This CBD pet product should only be used on adult dogs.

The Benefits of CBD Dog Treats for Muscle & Joint

Joint pain isn’t just a problem for older dogs. It can be an issue for older dogs and active younger dogs alike. These joint issues can be developmental, or or they can be degenerative in origin. When this happens, the pain and discomfort can slow down your dog and make your pet’s life miserable.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve aches and pains your dog may be experiencing. CBD dog biscuits can be just the thing to get your dog up and moving again.

CBD Dog Treats for Joint and Mobility are packed with effective natural ingredients. These tasty CBD dog treats contain broad spectrum CBD, plus other antioxidants and nutrients, including turmeric, for better joint health. Combined, these human-grade ingredients can help your dog live a happier, more comfortable life.




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