The Specialist Hemp Flower (14% CBD)


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The Specialist hemp flower offers frosty buds as a specialty for this strain. This CBD flower has a relaxing, focusing effect with amazing uplifting effects. It is a perfect SATIVA strain for “getting things done” while remaining cool as a cucumber.

This strain can be used any time of day, but particularly helpful with focus. The Specialists aesthetics offer a fresh carpeting of trichomes adorning gorgeous green hues with contrasting orange pistils! Her abundant trichomes lead to a terpene profile of monumental proportions! A mellow sweetness meets a symphony of freshly picked wildflowers that is a treat for the nose and palate. This nuanced flavor is so delicate and satisfyingly smooth you will be treated to exquisite bliss with each puff. A few tokes of this CBD flower will have you laser-focused and over whatever was stressing you.