Sour Lifter Hemp Flower (17% CBD)


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Sour Lifter is a must try, daytime SATIVA strain. Testing at almost 17% CBD, Sour Lifter gives the original Lifter strain a run for its money.

With Sour Lifter being one of the most anticipated strains this season, we think it is definitely living up to the hype. This CBD flower is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid and is the perfect daytime strain. Sour Lifter holds a perfect density, colored with a beautiful array of greens covered by a shiny blanket of trichomes. Sour Lifter has over 35 mg/g of terpenes (almost 3x industry average) with 19mg/g of Myrcene!


The perfect daytime, uplifting Sativa. With Myrcene having powerful sedative and anti-inflammatory effects coupled with Pinene’s ability to make you feel happy, alert and energetic this strain is sure to have you feeling amazing in no time!