Savage CBD Disposable Vape


This product is a one time use Cig-Alike disposable CBD Pen Device. Depending on use it should last up to two weeks or longer.


  • Potency: 200mg CBD
  • Extract Type: Full Spectrum
  • Onset Time: 10-15 Minutes*
  • Duration: 2-4 Hours*

Suggested Use: Vape until desired effect is reached

Ingredients: Terpenes and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract



Strawberry Melon: This Strawberry Melon Full Spectrum CBD Pen has a mouthwatering strawberry flavor with hints of delicious melons and watermelons.

Berry Mint: This Berry Mint Full Spectrum CBD Pen starts with the ripest and best berries one can buy and finishes with a cool mint feeling. This leaves you wanting more.

Mango Citrus: Ready to go to the beach? This Mango Citrus Full Spectrum CBD Pen is nothing short of a delicious drink one would drink in the tropics. Mouthwatering mango meets all the delicious citrus flavors one would find in a tropical location.

*Based on customer feedback; actual onset and duration times may vary.

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Mango Citrus Disposable, Strawberry Melon Disposable, Berry Mint Disposable


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