Sunny Skies Full Spectrum CBG Tincture


A CBG tincture is CBG in liquid form. CBG distillate is infused into medium-chain triglycerides (MCT oil) from coconuts, which serves as a carrier oil. Tinctures are ingested orally.

-Because it is non-psychotropic, CBG has a promising wide range of potential applications.

-Contains trace amounts of delta-9-THC (under 0.3%).

-Convenient and highly effective method for taking CBG. Hold under your tongue for 60-90 and experience faster absorption and higher bioavailability than edibles, capsules, and beverage products.

-1500mg and 3000mg tinctures are 1oz (30ml), 6000mg tinctures are 2oz (60ml).

-Ingredients: Full-Spectrum CBG Distillate, MCT Oil.

– All-natural ingredients, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan friendly, with no animal testing.

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Full Spectrum CBG Tincture – Unflavored – 1500mg, Full Spectrum CBG Tincture – Unflavored – 3000mg, Full Spectrum CBG Tincture – Unflavored – 6000mg


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